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Available Treatments

 Newly added the Bio-Mat

1st treatment free with any massage/bodywork service, subsequent treatments a $15.00 upcharge with any service.

Individual Bio-Mat sessions available for a $1.00 a minute

minimum 45 minute session! 



Swedish   This a relaxation massage using light to medium pressure! A great massage for anyone, especially someone new to bodywork or the elderly!  50/80mins $80.00/120.00


Therapeutic Massage    Combines traditional massage techniques with isolated stretching, trigger point therapy, heat, and therapeutic oils!  This massage is beneficial for anyone who works out, is experiencing pain, or is recovering form an injury  50/80/110 $85.00/130.00/170.


Hot Stone Massage  The Ultimate Massage that everyone needs to experience!  Smooth hot stones combined with aromatherapy are used to massage your muscles from head to toe, alleviating stress and tension almost immediatley!  This massage elicits physical healing, mental relaxation and spiritual connection to  the earths energy!  Between the heat and pressure of the stones , the muscles just dissolve, resulting in natural pain relief and healing! 75mins. $145.00


Raindrop Therapy   Often termed "Chiropractor in a Bottle",  was originally developed as a noninvasive treatment to correct spinal misalignment through the use of 9 essential oils,(www.youngliving.us) in a prescribed sequence with featherlike touch along the spinal column to stimulate the nervous system! This wonderful massage stays with you for up to a week and can result in both physical as well as emotional releases! 50/80mins. $95.00/140.00


Aromatherapy  Essential Oils are used to enhance the benefits of traditional massage inducing a nurturing relaxing and aromatic setting. The oils are chosen in accordance with the clients needs!  50/80 mins $85.00/130.00


Maternity/Gentle Baby  A nurturing treatment to reduce some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy and enhance the physiological and emotional well-being for both mother and child!  If requested the mother also has the option of adding aromatherapy to the massage using a blend of oils specially formulated for moms and babies! 50/80mins $85.00 /$130.



Reiki  Combines universal energy with indivual energy to open pathways to healing! This treatment eliminates toxic energy and substances from many levels of ones being resulting in a harmonic flow of energy within the body! The therapist serves as a channel for the life energy, using passive touchs and holds! 50 mins.  $90.00


ThaiYoga Massage or shiatsu

 Practiced on the floor, with the client dressed in soft comfortable clothing!  Pressure is applied along sen lines/meridians opening them so energy/chi, can flow freely, increasing flexiblity, range of motion, and bringing about a total sense of well- being, balance and peace! A 75 minute  session! $145



Add a hand or foot treatment to any of the above services for an additional $15.00, or add both for $25.00 


Reflexology  is a method for activating the healing powers of the body. In reflexology the feet and hands reflex points are worked/massaged as well as the meridians corresponding to various systems and body parts!  Reflexology reduces stress and induces deep relaxation, improving circulation and cleansing the body of toxins, balancing the systems of the body!  $85.00/$130.00


Hot Stone Reflexology  The same treatment as above with the added luxury of hot stone massage of the feet and hands! $100.00


Add a mini facial to any of the above services for an additional $45.00


Home Massages/ and off site Massages are available call to schedule! 

   609 792 6034

A minimum 75 minute commitment starting at ! $175.00


"24 hour" cancellation notice is required for all appointments , so I have  time to reschedule my time!

"Thank you for honoring my time as I do yours!"


Mary Jo         call to schedule your next appointment:  609 792 6034

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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